Harvest prayers

Join us in praying this Harvest for all that do not have enough to eat, especially our sisters and brothers in East Africa. We pray that God will prompt us to challenge inequality and reach out in love, so that all people may share in a just Harvest.

May we reach out in love

God of abundance,
you entrust to our care
your gift of creation,
our common home.
Open our ears to hear
the cry of the earth
and the cry of the poor.

God of justice,
you show us how to live in
gratitude and solidarity.
Open our mouths to speak out,
challenging greed and inequality,
and standing up for all among us
in desperate need of food.

God of hope,
you share with us your vision
of a world renewed.
Open our hearts to compassion.
As we hold before you
the people of East Africa,
may we reach out in love.


Children's prayer

God of all,

Open our eyes to see the needs of our brothers and sisters.

Open our ears to hear your words of hope and compassion.

Open our mouths to speak up when people are suffering.

Open our hearts, to reach out in love.


World Food Crisis

We pray this Family Fast Day for all affected by the World Food Crisis.

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