Advent prayers

Pray and reflect with us this Advent during this season of preparation, hope and expectation ahead of Christmas.

"The Lord comes that we might find him in this world of ours."

Laudato Si' #236

Advent brings us closer to Christ who is with us. We are reminded that no one is beyond the reach of God's love.

We wait with joy for the Lord, the hope of the world.

We are called to reach out with love to our sisters and brothers in need, sharing our hope for a world transformed. 

Come Lord, come again

Come Lord, your wounded world is yearning
for you to come again.
Come Lord, your weary world is crying out
for you to lift us up
out of our despair, our hunger,
our thirst for something better,
our need for the food that will last.
Come Lord, come again,
we need to begin again.

Sue Allerton/CAFOD

God of hope

God of hope,
we cling to you,
for your renew the face of the earth. 

Through the gift of your Son,
our Lord Jesus,
we follow you on the path of dawn.

Enlightened by your love and wisdom,
help us to lead each other
and all creatures
back to your open arms.

Rachel McCarthy/CAFOD

Wake us up Lord!

God of Salvation,
Wake us up Lord!
The night is nearly over.
Let us begin our Advent journey.
Move us from our lives
Of greed and selfishness,
From our globalised world
Of inequality and exploitation,
To your kingdom
Of righteousness and mercy.
To a transformed world,
Where peace is built on understanding not weapons,
The poor are empowered to live their lives to the full,
Businesses are built on need not greed
And your Creation is nurtured not abused.
Wake us up Lord!
Let us live as people of the light.

Sue Cooper/CAFOD


Open our eyes to the dignity of all people
And our ears to the cries of the earth.

Let us walk in solidarity with the poor
And cleanse our world from oppression.

Let us shout out for justice for all
And renew our hope for change.

The Lord is coming
Let us share the Good News!

Sue Cooper/CAFOD

Light up our lives

Christ, come into our world of darkness
Light up our lives with your coming.
Fulfil all our longings with the joy of your birth
Strengthen our resolve to work for change in our world
And to share the hope of your birth that each Advent brings.

Sr Bridgetta Rooney/CAFOD

Expectant God

The heavens can no longer hold your abundant love,
So you pour out the gift of your embodied self
Relinquishing the beauty of your majesty,
To adorn the pale colours of our humanity.
Choosing to enter into this world in a place of scarcity and need.

Reveal to us this hidden world
of poverty,
of refugees,
of suffering.
As you choose this as the place of your birth
Let us choose this to be the place of our rebirth.

Rebuild us,
Transform us,
Make us anew.
We ask this through Christ our Lord,

Kieran O'Brien/CAFOD


With expectant waiting
we anticipate your coming.
Come close to us, Lord,
come very close.   

Come, Alpha and Omega,
who is from before the ages.
Come, Son of Joseph and Son of Mary,
who went down to Nazareth to be obedient to them.   

Come, Morning Star,
who named the stars.
Come, carpenter from Nazareth, 
who knows the smell of planed wood.   

Come, Beloved Son of God,
who knows the heart of God.
Come, Son of Man,
who knows the hearts of God’s people. 

Come, Lord of Life and Prince of Peace.
Come, Dayspring and Rising Sun.
Come, Wonderful Counsellor.
Come Emmanuel, God with us;
God very close to us.   


Ged Johnson/CAFOD

An Advent people

God of light, shine forth,
show us how
to bring hope to others.

God of mercy, help us
to comfort your people
and share in their joy.

God of hope, make us an Advent people,
preparing the way for life
in all its fullness.


Catherine Gorman/CAFOD

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