A big thank you for your incredible support this Harvest

26 October 2022

Thank you for your donations, fundraising and prayers this Harvest. Hear from Ibrahim, our Emergency Response Coordinator responding to the crisis across East Africa. 

World Food Crisis: How your support is helping

You heard the voices of people facing the worst food crisis in 40 years, and you listened. Thank you for your donations and fundraising in parishes and schools for our World Food Crisis Appeal. 

Thank you for standing in solidarity with our brothers and sisters around the world 

Your support for our World Food Crisis Appeal has been amazing. To everyone that donated, volunteered, held a soup lunch, or fundraised in another way, thank you! 

Your gifts could be delivering drinking water, providing meals to people who may have gone days without food. Or they could give a child the chance to stay in school and follow their dreams. 

Supporters Fundraising for our World Food Crisis Appeal

Get involved another way

If you haven’t already and would like to get involved with our work in another way, join us in urging the government to work with other countries at this year’s UN climate talks. The climate crisis has made worse an unprecedented drought in East Africa, led to monumental floods in Pakistan and heatwaves in the UK, while our energy bills are soaring as a result of volatile fossil fuel prices.  

It’s clear we need leaders to put us on track to end the climate crisis. So join us in urging the government to work at this year’s climate talks to stop the COP-out at COP27. 

Email the government

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